For a Better Life in Connecticut


More than ever, small business owners in Greenwich and Stamford need a representative who understands they are the backbone of our economy. The spirit, hard-work and risk-taking that entrepreneurs embody form the character of our communities.


The impact of the coronavirus on local businesses is severe with many not knowing if and how they will survive.  Kimberly will advocate for policies that will help Main Street businesses stay alive and thrive once again.




Residents of Connecticut are among the highest taxed in the country.  It wasn't always this way.  Prior to 1991, the Constitution State had no state income tax -- much like the places where too many Connecticut residents are now moving, taking themselves, their businesses, and even their employees (GE, Aetna, United Technologies, and more).  Clearly, higher taxes are not working for Connecticut.  


The economic cost of coronavirus takes an already tenuous fiscal situation in Connecticut and makes it even more dire.  Kimberly will fight for a pro-growth economy with no new taxes, reduction of unnecessary regulations, and smarter government spending.  


Connecticut's education system has to keep parents first, by supporting teachers to work together with parents towards that common goal of each student's personal potential. Control over the schools should be as local as possible.  

The coronavirus is bringing new challenges to our education system. Kimberly will always advocate that there should not be one-size-fits-all solutions for our parents, students and teachers in Greenwich and Stamford.