Will Make a Difference for You



Kimberly is not daunted by hard work or the odds, if she's fighting for something she knows is right. She also knows that for many of the really important things, it takes a team.


Kimberly was born in Seoul, South Korea, and grew up in Reston, Virginia.  Her dad worked at the U.S. Department of Defense and her mom owned a coffee shop.  Kimberly went to West Point, then, transferred to Harvard College, where she studied economics.  Her first job was at Salomon Brothers; her most exciting job was as a reporter in Hong Kong for the Wall Street Journal; her hardest job was in the kitchen at Wallse restaurant in NYC; and her most rewarding job is being a wife and mom.  

Kimberly is an active member of her community -- elected to the Representative Town Meeting, regular volunteer at her kids' schools and her church, Grace Church of Greenwich, and the Greenwich Historical Society.  

In two generations, the arc of Kimberly's family story goes from her grandmother escaping communism in North Korea to her mother running a coffee shop in a suburb of Washington D.C. to Kimberly running for state representative in Connecticut to defend the right of people to have responsible and accountable government.

(Photo: From Kimberly's West Point yearbook)


Kimberly loves the Declaration of Independence. It animates the spirit of our country.  It acknowledges that we each have a natural right to live our lives, be free to make our own choices, and pursue the things that give ourselves purpose and meaning.  It protects the smallest minority, the individual.


As free people with limited government in its proper role, we achieve more and become better. Reagan said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction." Over-taxed and over-regulated, the residents of Connecticut need to stand up for our right to thrive and to flourish. Connecticut families should be able to build fulfilling and enriching lives here for themselves and the next generation. 

Kimberly will fight this fight for your sake and hers.

(Photo: From family road trip with grandparents to visit Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence.) 




REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE FOR DISTRICT 149 -- In seeking to serve in this office, Kimberly will speak plainly and often, as the voice of the people of Greenwich and Stamford, standing up for the policies that lead to accountability, transparency, ingenuity, creativity, prosperity, integrity, security...and liberty.


CHARTER OAK LEADERSHIP PROGRAM -- Kimberly helped found the Charter Oak Leadership Program, a Connecticut-based non-profit that trains community, business and political leaders in the core principles of our country and free market enterprise.


GREENWICH REPRESENTATIVE TOWN MEETING -- Kimberly was elected to her second term to represent District 7, running on a platform of fiscal prudence.

NO TOLLS CT -- Kimberly was one of many, who weathered the long battle against tolls, resulting in tolls never being brought to a vote.

ZIPPED BAGS -- Kimberly holds a U.S. patent for a bag design, that is now being made and sold by a friend and her Connecticut-based company. 

(Photo: Kimberly picking up signs from Minuteman Press on St. Roch Avenue for a No Tolls rally.)